First of all, glitter is pretty awesome stuff. It gets on everything and makes it special. I wish more people saw the advantages of glitter – mood lifter, smile maker, decoration, etc. Children get it. Just watch them do anything with glitter. You’ll see.

Somewhere along the way, as many of us age, glitter becomes a hindrance. Someone you know wears a sweater with a bit of glitter and it rubs off in your car. Sigh. You think how long it will take you to get it out. Sigh.

Recently we started a new worship service called Messy Church. It’s a new type of WORSHIP for families of all ages. Occasionally, glitter is called for! And yet, those of a certain age will say, “We need to do less things with glitter;” “Perhaps we should put a tarp under the table to keep it off the carpet;” “Those kids need to be more careful with the glitter.” Sigh.

Personally, I think Jesus would totally approve of using glitter in worship. After all, what a great analogy to light and joy! I picture God, not as a grey haired old man, but as a huge pile of GLITTER with a face somewhere in there smiling and throwing that glitter love all around! dollarphotoclub_67101131

Perhaps embracing the light and joy of glitter would draw us all closer to God and to each other. Let’s see it on the carpets, on the projects made, on the walls? (too far?)….you get my point.

Let’s focus on worship and love and praise. Let’s focus on God and each other and worry about the glitter on the carpet later. If at all. 😉



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Constant Companion

We wrestle for the covers,
He’s trying to snuggle close and I’m just trying to not get pushed off of the bed.

He moves so close that the heat from his body warms me.
I’m reminded of the past; good memories of human contact and warmth.
We are not created to be alone.

Eventually, we move to wherever we find the most comfort for sleeping.
And we rest.
Readying ourselves for a new day of walking and playing. Tomorrow.

My constant loving companion, my dog and I.


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Each morning, as I brush my teeth, I read the Prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi – “Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace.” Reading this through slowly each day has positively affected my life, as well as helping me brush those teeth for a good 2 minutes!

Today I was stopped, paused, stuck on one particular part of the prayer:
For it is in pardoning that one is pardoned…
This brings my mind immediately to the words attributed to Jesus as he taught the disciples to pray:
Forgive us our sin, as we forgive those who sin against us…
As I meditated on this throughout my day, I began to understand the difficulty, as well as the power, of forgiveness.

I’ve never believed that God dishes out only the amount of pardoning that we give to others – thank goodness! No, God loves us unconditionally. No matter what. I do believe that these words are a constant reminder of a way of living that involves pardoning/forgiveness/reconciliation. A way of living that totally runs counter to culture. A way of living that is downright difficult!
When we are in pain, we seem to be good at finding some way to avoid the transformation of our pain. When someone hurts us, we tend to fight back! It is so easy to point fingers and find blame. This behavior however, does nothing for our own transformation and release of pain. Another way we avoid dealing with our pain directly is to play the victim card, giving us a false sense of moral superiority and outrage. It becomes easier to point to someone being worse than you are rather than forgiving, letting go, surrendering, or even growing up. Both of these paths tend to keep the pain and violence going rather than leading to healing.

Jesus calls us to be transformed as we forgive! To have true healing of our pain as we pardon! I don’t know about you, but the need to fight or point blame always caused me more pain…so why in the world wouldn’t I want transformative healing of this consuming pain? It’s when I ask myself this question, that I truly want to seek healing that begins with me letting go and forgiving – not expecting or even ever receiving the “I’m sorry” from the other. Just giving to Christ all of the pain and hurt, and turning my heart, mind, and soul to forgiving the offender.

I wish I could say that this work was instantaneous but it isn’t. I’m a work in progress! But I can tell you without hesitation that it is truly in pardoning that I am pardoned. It is in forgiving, that I am forgiven. It is in doing the work that I am forever transformed.
May you begin to experience this healing as you practice pardoning and are transformed in the process.

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It sat there caught in the grate.
At first I thought it was a lizard.
Its surface of raised white intertwined with green the color of moss.
Upon retrieval, its leafiness became apparent.

Life and death were equal within it;
Cut off from its source, of course it would die.
But life was palatable in its texture.
Soft, pliable, unbreakable, colorful.

I shed no tear;
instead holding the life and death as one.
Knowing that all will return;
as everything is eventually rebirthed.

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true need

The plate of snacks is set before me.
The salted veggie sticks melt to mush in my mouth,
even the chewing is burdensome.
Hunger isn’t a feeling.
Not hunger of the stomach anyway;
my soul craving is palatable.
My head intellectually knows that this mushy, crunchy snack will not meet my true need.
My heart doesn’t seem to care.

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The twilight closes in.
Its numbness crushing.
I’m almost without.

A brief respite…
A breath? Wind?
It wafts in as Presence.

A flicker of Light…
Darting across the darkness
with the perspective of a firefly.

This is more
than a fleeting eclipse
within the tenebrosity.

It is more
than a pipe dream or wishful thinking.
It is the crown of my hope.

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Poem: When I Was Young

I enjoy many things. Writing poetry is something I’ve done here and there and enjoy, but just don’t seem to have enough time.

When I Was Young

When I was young
I laid in grass
with no worries about the bugs or worms.

When I was young
I spent time alone
watching the sky animals.

When I was young
I was fascinated by the ocean
with its awesomeness.

When I was young
Dog were smarter than humans
and showed more compassion.

When I was young
I noticed more
and pondered more.

When I was young
My dreams were huge;
my fears were minute.

When I was young
I worried about little;
I was grateful for much.

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