Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful time of year. The time to truly give thanks for all blessings. Its a shame we have to be reminded to give thanks, however. Perhaps that is why the stores rush from Halloween to Christmas….either they don’t believe that people need to be reminded OR giving thanks isn’t just as important as the other “holidays.”

I tend to think it is all about the bottom dollar for retail, but I do think it is a shame that many people only stop and give thanks once a year! Come on people!

This year I was honored to spend time with my parents. Now we haven’t always seen eye to eye, and still don’t on many things. But for the first time in a long time, all of that was put aside and only love remained. It was a God moment – for 4 days! I deeply love and respect my folks and I hope that I can tell them many more times how thankful I am that they are my parents. I pray daily for my sister whom I do not have a relationship with, and I hope that one day that will all be resolved.

I am so thankful for my friends, for my job, for my church family. I am thankful for food, and shelter, and clothes to wear. I am thankful to be able to live in a place where I am free to worship, to vote, to be able to say what I think.

I am thankful for my friend and savior Jesus Christ who came into my life many years ago and has helped me through many, many “growth spurts.”

I hope that I can remember to give thanks for these and so much more each and every day.

And now on to Advent!


About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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