“What defines a movement is its actions, not its organization.”

I have been watching and listening to the Occupy movement a lot lately. The issues that they are exposing are – just WOW! But I began to wonder, are they really making a difference?

Monday I walked into Wells Fargo and closed my accounts. They asked me why and I wanted to say, “I’m the 99%.” But instead I said, “You’ve had a major security breach within the past week that you blamed on a printer, and now you are going to charge me to use my debit card. Seems to me that you are hanging on to the ways of Industrial Capitalism.” Needless to say, the girl who was helping me stared at me dumb faced.

I think I got the courage to do this, and put all my meager accounts in a local credit union, because of the message that is coming out of the Occupy movement. You see, a movement IS defined by the actions it produces, not by its organization or leadership/lack of leadership. Just by Occupying space, by bringing to the forefront grievous misdeeds by the big corporations, the greed and power behind so many businesses, the lack of concern by the “big boys” toward the regular person, and so much more, the MOVEMENT is moving others toward action. When enough people take action, because it is the right thing to do, then change has to happen. But it takes many people, acting. You may not agree with everything about the Occupy movement, but I am sure there are issues that resonate with you. Act on those things. Be a catalyst for the change that can happen when a movement spreads.

Christianity may have never spread if it weren’t for the PEOPLE acting on what they were hearing and believing. I think that many Christians have forgotten that. Instead we have adopted a consumeristic culture in our churches; i.e. what will church do FOR ME, how can I be fed, what attracts me. Following Christ isn’t about us as much as it is about God’s movement in our lives. It is a movement of the Spirit within us, calling us to love others, do justice, and seek mercy. All actions born out of a movement.

Some of my friends have suggested an “Occupy Church” movement. I like the parallels here but if the institution continues doing things the same as they did 50 or 20 or even 5 years ago, nothing much has changed under the sun.

To move means that we must change – our place, our direction, our very way of thinking. Unless we move, we will die. Kudos to the Occupy movement. May we all learn from them.


About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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