On Being Human

The shootings in CO this week have left most of America shocked, outraged, disgusted, _____________ (you can insert your adjective).  As I’ve read the various comments and watched some of the coverage on the news, I get this growing feeling that none of us know what to do when evil rears its ugly head in such a profound and public way.  It is much easier for us to let evil be private, hidden, not spoken of, so that our lives can just go on in peace.  The ironic thing for me is that keeping evil in a covered bucket is evil in itself.

The fact:  Evil exists – it always has and it will until the Lord returns and restores creation in peace and love.  Until this, it is “evil” for us to try and hide from it, keep it hidden, and not assume responsibility for our part in spreading it.  But this is difficult work – work that causes us to have to change!

Most of humanity would rather place blame on something else…the violence in video games, the lack of respect in our society, greed, mental illness, the movie industry, etc., etc., etc.  No one really wants to take on any blame for evil happening around us.

We all however, have blame in not caring for the oppressed, the ill, the struggling among us. Sin is not only actions done, but those left undone as well. Our obsession with violence, money, sex, consumerism is hurting all of us. Our insistence on individualism is also. We are created to be in community with one another, to hold each other, to care for each other – and that means all of God’s children. We all have strayed. We need to own it and ask for God’s amazing grace so that we can turn in a new direction. There is hope.   The condition of the human heart is a vital part of how we deal with evil in our society.  For those who are trying to live a life following Jesus, it is time that we stopped blaming others and start working together to offer (in words and deeds) God’s grace, hope, joy, love, and peace to the world.  It is time we begin to take responsibility for our choices in this society and realize that these choices affect more than just ourselves.

Evil can be conquered!  But not with evil…instead, with love, with peace, with forgiveness, and with grace.  What would our world look like today if THESE were our standards?  What would the world look like if Christians weren’t so busy judging those who didn’t believe like they did, and instead were busy offering them Christ?  The heart can be changed.  I know because Christ came into my heart and hasn’t stopped changing it since.

Offer them Christ.



About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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