What Are We Waiting For?

As I come to the last Sunday in Advent 2013, I have realized that this story of waiting is never ending….at least not on this side of heaven. Here are a few things that I’m anticipating/waiting for:

  • for a world where guns and knives and tanks and bombs are made into swing sets and plowshares and items that will bring communities together.
  • for a world where no one is ever asked to put job before family.
  • for a world where Christ followers can be in ministry WITH and FOR all people – regardless of culture, age, race, sexual orientation, where they live or what flavor of ice cream they most enjoy.
  • for a world that embraces and encourages play in God.
  • for a world where status is not measured on how much one has in the bank, but rather on their character.
  • for a world where people take care of other people – not because of some institutional program – but because they understand we were created for community and flourish when a community is unified in love.
  • for a world full of respect.

My list is truly never ending but I think you get my point. In the midst of a world that seems to be so upside-down, the good news is that hope abounds! Hope abounds when we are given a glimpse of what these things (and more) look like. When we see God at work in our world, we catch a glimpse of the possibilities; we get a look at what God’s intentions are for us; we become a part of the Advent story as the Messiah breaks into our brokenness with love, joy, and hope.

This happens when we, God’s people, begin to actively wait. When we begin to make happen the things we are waiting for. God calls us to put people before doctrine, to see Christ in the faces of all we meet, and to love one another no matter what. Perhaps it is time for us to truly explore this question: What are we waiting for?


About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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