Today I heard an apple fall….

This morning, as I was close to finishing up my 2 mile walk, I heard an apple fall from a tree. I truly cannot say that I’ve ever really “heard” that. I’ve seen it. In the seeing, I must have forgotten the sound of it. But this time I didn’t see anything except the tree. But I heard the fall.

It made a soft ker-plunk as it hit the ground below. And then all was quiet again.

As I reflected on the hearing of this thing, I thought about all the things I must miss hearing because I’m so busy trying to see everything. I have to admit I’m a visual person and learn best this way. But I wonder what would happen if I began to listen more…

Could I hear the softness in the voice of the elderly who have lost their independence, rather than seeing the wheelchairs and walkers and tubes and special diets?

Could I hear the hope spoken by a congregation of passionate followers of Jesus, rather than seeing the numbers of dwindling resources?

Would I be able to hear the joy as people gather together and praise God, rather than just see the task before me to lead?

Would I be able to hear both the voices of reality AND those of future hope, rather than just seeing the disagreements?

Would I remember the sound of holiness? Could I recall the sound of God?

Today I heard an apple fall and the sound has awakened within me a yearning to listen more carefully. Perhaps it is in the sound of the falling that grace will be revealed. Lord, in your mercy, hear my


About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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