The Walking Dead?

I got addicted to the TV series The Walking Dead after visiting a friend. At first, I thought yuk! Then I started to get hooked on the story line. Here you have a world devastated by some kind of disease that turns dead people into zombies. What more would you want?

I’ll admit, I’ve always liked futuristic shows, after all I grew up with Star Trek. So for me this wasn’t too much different. A little more graphic perhaps, but still….

Last night I caught up on the latest episode – Season 5 Part 2. So much has happened to this group of folks who are fighting zombies (Walkers, as they call them). Most of their friends are dead. But the will to survive always kicks in and somehow they keep on going. Where? I’m not sure and I don’t think they are.

Last night’s episode was particularly sobering. Another friend has died as a result of the zombies, they discover a place that they thought might be zombie free had been run over with the creatures. Some of the survivors want to slow down a bit. The leader however, wants to keep on going because for him, survival is the name of the game.

zombiepreacherCall me crazy, but I cannot help but think that I’m living in The Walking Dead! As a pastor of a small denominational church, I often feel like the “Survivors” are just trying to survive. They want things to go back to the way they once were and yet change is an every day event. The “Walkers” come faithfully every Sunday, not wanting to make trouble. They don’t know that they are dead and they just do what walkers do – consume.

The “Survivors” just want to survive. The “Walkers” just want to consume. There are a few who want to try new things in the midst of the change that often seems overwhelming, but is it enough?

As I watch each season of The Walking Dead I wonder. They have been through so much and lost so much. And yet, survival just cannot be enough!

I’m sure that the church will not look the same way it does today in 20 years. There may be remnants of the institution. There WILL BE followers of Christ. These folks will become more than survivors and consumers. The Way of Jesus, the Way to follow, is enough just as it has been for centuries.

I don’t know what “church” will look like, but I do know that those who follow Jesus will find a way to get together to praise God. They will find a way to serve and love others. They will find a way to break bread together. They will continue to grow in Christ and in grace. They will continue to proclaim hope and exclaim the Good News as they tell the stories of Jesus. And that is enough.


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a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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