Faith and a Bug’s Life

bugThis morning some type of flying bug caught my attention. I watched it for over twenty minutes. I noticed it because it was flying around and around in circles. Occasionally it would come closer to me or fly over to the side, but then it went back to its comfort zone – flying in the middle of my living room airspace.

I’m not sure what kind of bug it was but that doesn’t matter. I did begin to wonder if this was “normal” behavior for a bug like this. Once or twice it did a kamikaze dive towards my floor, but then came quickly back to that comfortable airspace.

Perhaps he was lost I thought. After all I guessed that he had made his way into my home sometime yesterday when I had the back door opened wide for the nice weather. What was it about that small airspace in my room that brought him comfort? Or was it fear? Or both?

I began to think about our lives of faith and I must admit that we are often like this bug. We try something new, stepping out boldly, but then retreating back into our comfort zones. Finding that “airspace” that brings us a sense of comfort. Perhaps it is within this comfortable space that we are really most fearful. Afraid of what might happen if we leave this comfortable space. Afraid for others who seem to be flying in a different direction.

Jesus calls us to different. As a follower of the risen Christ, we are called to be the power of resurrection in the world! That means we love unconditionally, we share with others, we forgive always, we speak life and hope, we shower grace and mercy, we “boldly go where no one has gone before” (sorry I couldn’t help myself Trekkies).

A life of faith is not a one week mission trip! It is a life of counter-cultural being and serving and loving.  You cannot stand with others when you are too busy standing in judgment of them. You cannot forgive when your heart holds revenge. You cannot love unconditionally and be selfish.

But like this bug, most of us fly around in the comfort zones, only occasionally stepping out and “trying” this new path. Why? Well for starters because it is hard. Really hard. And it’s really hard because we do not have that comfortable sense of control. Instead we are guided, led, into different.

When we allow ourselves to follow Christ into this different way, we begin to grow. Christ’s love and grace fill us. You begin to see God in every human being. You begin to catch glimpses of God’s kingdom at work in the world.

Eventually, the bug flew toward the light of a window and I guided him toward the door. I’m not sure what happened to him. But I’m guessing that he was happier out there in that big open world, discovering and growing, rather than being trapped in comfortable airspace.


About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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