First of all, glitter is pretty awesome stuff. It gets on everything and makes it special. I wish more people saw the advantages of glitter – mood lifter, smile maker, decoration, etc. Children get it. Just watch them do anything with glitter. You’ll see.

Somewhere along the way, as many of us age, glitter becomes a hindrance. Someone you know wears a sweater with a bit of glitter and it rubs off in your car. Sigh. You think how long it will take you to get it out. Sigh.

Recently we started a new worship service called Messy Church. It’s a new type of WORSHIP for families of all ages. Occasionally, glitter is called for! And yet, those of a certain age will say, “We need to do less things with glitter;” “Perhaps we should put a tarp under the table to keep it off the carpet;” “Those kids need to be more careful with the glitter.” Sigh.

Personally, I think Jesus would totally approve of using glitter in worship. After all, what a great analogy to light and joy! I picture God, not as a grey haired old man, but as a huge pile of GLITTER with a face somewhere in there smiling and throwing that glitter love all around! dollarphotoclub_67101131

Perhaps embracing the light and joy of glitter would draw us all closer to God and to each other. Let’s see it on the carpets, on the projects made, on the walls? (too far?)….you get my point.

Let’s focus on worship and love and praise. Let’s focus on God and each other and worry about the glitter on the carpet later. If at all. 😉




About preachermom

a passionate woman of God who believes in living the truth; in being Christ in the world; and in inspiring others.
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