Reflections on moving

The past 4 weeks of my life have been amazing. Busy, tiring, muscle wrenching, but amazing. First I was able to drive across this amazing country. Wow. Mind blowing. I spent some time dodging tornados in Missouri, watching for deer to jump in front of my car in Montana, and marvling at the Columbia River Gourge in Oregon. I can’t wait to drive it again, but next time I will take a new route and see new things.

As Christians, I believe that we should be people on the move. Now I do not mean that everyone needs to pack up their belongings and leave.  However, if God calls you to that then by all means!  Driving across the country gave me a renewed sense of what it meant to be moving for Jesus. Sure, I am moving across the country to serve a church. That doesn’t mean that I’m on the move for Christ however.  You should be able to tell that if I’m involved in my community; if I’m constantly learning and growing in my faith; and if I’m willing to try new things for the cause of Christ.

I passed many small churches by the roadside in towns of less than 200 people. I would hope that even though the churches I passed would not be considered a growing church, that their faithful presence in community, their earnest teaching, and their willingness to abandon selfish attitudes for Jesus attitudes would lead to incarnational living among members. I can only guess but I do know of other small churches that are doing just those things. I want to shout YES!  Well done!

I pray that although I may never get another opportunity to move across the country, that God continues to keep on giving me opportunities to keep moving for Jesus! Amen!


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